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Free Indicator: 30-Minute Previous & Current Ranges

Free 30-Minute Ranges Indicator

Free 30-Minute Ranges Indicator Description:

The purpose of our Free 30-Minute Ranges Indicator is to display visually the Previous 30-Minute Period and the Current 30-Minute Period’s relationship to the previous period.

It was designed so that subscribers to our statistics can easily determine if the current period is Inside the previous period or has Encompassed the previous period.  It will also help traders to see if it looks like the Current Period will Close Inside the previous period.

By displaying the Previous Range and the Current Range, a trader can quickly compare the ranges to the published 30-Minute Median, Average, High and Low Ranges.

This makes it unnecessary for a trader to have a 30-Minute Chart on the screen, saving screen real estate.

The indicator draws a box around the previous 30-Minute Range.  It then extends lines from the previous 30-Minute Range’s High and Low.  It also draws lines at the Current 30-Minute Period’s High and Low.  This enables traders to quickly and easily visualize the Current 30-Minute Period’s position in relationship to the Previous 30-Minute period.  

The indicator also displays both the Previous 30-Minute and Current 30-Minute ranges, either in Price or Ticks.

It is only available for NinjaTrader 8.  It is being made available free of charge to our members and non-members who subscribe to our emailing lists.

The indicator comes with a user’s manual to help with configuration.

Note:  The indicator should only be used on time frames that are less than 30 Minutes.

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