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Statistics for Trading Free Training Course

Free Training Course Launches New Training Course

We are pleased to announce the development of our Statistics for Trading Training Course.  This course is designed to help users of our published statistics get the most out of their subscription.  Since the course is free, even those who are not subscribers will benefit from the course.

We are going to be publishing our course lessons as they are developed, instead of waiting until the entire course is finished.  This means that the course outline below may change.  As with many projects, once you begin the process, you find out that there is more you want to accomplish.  So the course plan may change.  

We are also planning on publishing a blog article that corresponds to the course lessons.  This blog post, for instance, corresponds to the Course Introduction Video.


What will be covered in the course?

Here are some of the things we plan on covering in the course:

  • Our Reports
    • Range Reports
    • 30-Minute Reports
    • ONR (Overnight Range) Reports
    • IBP (Initial Balance Period) Reports
    • IBP (Initial Balance Period) 1.5 Reports
  • Our 30-Minute Statistics
  • Thinking in Probabilities
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Stat Inversion
Please watch our Introduction Video below:
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Our course will be published on your YouTube channel:Statistics for Trading YouTube Channel

Even though we have no plans, at this time, to monetize this training course, we would appreciate it if you subscribe to our channel and "Like" the videos, if you find them helpful.

Enjoy the course.  Please leave any feedback in the comments of the videos.

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