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Introduction To Statistics For Trading Free Training Course

We have been working on a training course to help traders understand how to use statistics in day trading.  We decided to release lessons as they were created, as opposed to releasing the course all at once.  You may also watch this course on your YouTube channel

The course is free and is specifically designed to help you understand the statistics we publish here at  Please watch the lessons in the order they appear below.  Please check back frequently to see if new lessons have been added.

We hope you enjoy the course!

Lesson 1: InsidePP Lesson

Lesson 2: EPP Lesson

Lesson 3: CIPP Lesson

Our New 30-Minute Ranges Indicator

In some of our lessons, we mention an indicator that we have been working on.  It has been completed and is available free of charge.  Please watch the video below for information on how to install and configure it.  If you would like to receive the indicator please click the button below.  

We hope you enjoy the Statistics for Trading Free Training Course.

Here at, we try to provide day traders statistical information because we believe that statistics are the basis for thinking in probabilities.  When you think in probabilities, your trading decisions are based on facts and not emotion.  

If you would like to take your trading to the next level by adding a statistical approach to your trading decisions, please subscribe to our statistics.