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OverNight Range

This is the Globex Range (Globex High РGlobex Low) between the start of the Globex Session (6:00 pm EST) and the close of the last 30min bar prior to the start of the  Regular Trading Hours (RTH) session.

Example: CL’s ONR is from 6:00 pm – 9:00 am (technically the bar closing at 9:00 am which is actually the close of the 8:30 am 30-minute bar.

Many markets have a high probability of tagging or touching the OverNight Range during the Regular Trading Hours (RTH) session.

Here, at, we break this down statistically and provide a statistical distribution based on 30min bars.

Some may consider the ONR the range between the RTH Close and RTH Open but here at we only base our ONR stats on the Globex Session.